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Sandcastle Release 1.10

Information about the tenth release of Sandcastle

Sandcastle Platform Updates:

  • Making tracking codes temporary: This update will allow our URLs to automatically remove the appended tracking code to allow users access to a clean URL to copy or share. This will improve usability as well as remove potential tracking errors.
  • Adding logins for CIRC team: The Circ team will now have logins automatically generated for them on each of the Sandcastle sites going forward.
  • Bringing back touts: Addresses concerns with using basic content summaries to place custom content, term pages, and/or upgraded basic content into infinite scrolls.
  • Silverpop enabled/disabled is ignored: This update will ensure that the Silver Pop module will now honor being disabled via the configuration page.
  • Creating story stream (upgrade for Term page): This update will allow users to enhance a term page and pull in multiple terms into the same feed. This will order content by most recent published date.
  • Updating Genesis code: This update has corrected issues with how Genesis was previously rendering.
  • Deleting Node teaser’s panelizer layout for solr search
  • Updating Twitter card tags: This update has added the required tags twitter:doman and twitter:site to Sandcastle. This will allow the Twitter Card functionality to validate properly moving forward.
  • Separating primary channels from menu: The following issues work with specifically breaking the primary channels from being tied to the Sandcastle menu system. This will ultimately allow for the most flexibility in site navigation as well as content analysis.
  • URLs should no longer contain category / primary channel
  • Add primary channels field to tags
  • Add related term to node
  • Tag field is multi-select
  • Primary channels Related term field must be auto-complete

Administration Interface Changes:

  • Removing bulk blog operations: As a safety measure we have removed the ability to delete an entire blog or blogs in bulk operations.
  • Creating a hamburger menu: The hamburger menu will now appear both on the desktop and mobile experiences of the site. This menu will control exactly what will appear which is no longer automatically generated from the previous Main and Main Sub menus.
  • Creating a corporate menu: The corporate menu will automatically appear at the bottom of the hamburger menu, acting as a way to access footer links for both sites with or without infinite scroll.
  • Limiting menu edits to Director, Aud dev, Ad op roles: Due to the menus now having more functionality, we have limited the roles that can update the menus on the site.
  • Primary channels should order alphabetically: When selecting a primary channel for content, they will now be ordered alphabetically for a better user experience.
  • Searching taxonomy terms from the beginning, not the middle: The auto-complete functionality will now begin searching for terms starting with the beginning of the term instead of working from the middle. This will allow for quicker and more accurate results.
  • Hiding ‘Item Per Row’ in Content listing: The Item Per Row option will now be hidden unless it applies to the content listing that is being edited.
  • Rel next prev tags on custom Term pages: Users will no longer be able to have pagination on multiple content listings when upgrading a term page to a custom page. This is to help comply with standards and best practices with the SEO team.
  • Adding Blog term to the Search criteria: This update will allow users to refine their search by adding a blog name parameter to the content search.

User-facing and Performance Changes:

  • Updating header & sticky nav: This update transforms the current headers on Sandcastle to use a uniform layout that will stick with the user as they scroll through the site. Updates also include additional control on the hamburger menu for both desktop and mobile experiences.
  • Changing search icon to reveal search box: This update will allow users to select the search icon from the header and reveal a new search box. This will free up real estate in the header and provide a much cleaner user experience.

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