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Sandcastle Release 1.0

Information about the initial release of Sandcastle

Sandcastle was designed to simplify the workflow for all websites moving to Drupal 7, while at the same time creating a standard that allows for development to work more efficiently on the tools that Bonnier needs to be successful. Having one build, that is deployed to all websites, allows for development to focus on building new features and easily maintain what already exists. Quality Assurance, training, and documentation all benefit from having a single, consistent, platform to work from. Working closely with the Audience Development team, Ad Operations, and Consumer Marketing, Sandcastle allows Bonnier to preform better content analysis and maximize on revenue opportunities by giving clear feature lists to both the Brands and our Sales teams.

Important highlights from this release:

  • Basic Content: The Basic Content content type allows a user to create article, blog post, photo gallery, gear, event, and video content all in one place. All of these features can be turned on and off with a few simple clicks.

  • Video Channel: The Video Channel allows for our brands to easily share latest and greatest content from their video libraries. With auto play features, Video Portal playlist integration, and SEO best practices, video has never been easier or cleaner to produce on our sites both on the broad or sponsored channel scale.

  • Custom Pages: Custom pages allow for the Brand to create new and flowing content pages on the fly that would have previously required many hours of development work. Built specifically to be responsive, the Brand may create brand new pieces of content or re-purpose many different areas into a single hub quickly and efficiently.

Additional Features:

  • Social Widget - with available options of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, YouTube, RSS, Newsletter, and Subscribe.

  • Fully responsive design - Works on Desktop down to mobile.


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